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What is the Speed Shopper Token (SSTX)?


The Speed Shopper token (SSTX) is an ERC-20 digital currency that operates on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The Speed Shopper Token will be the primary form of payment accepted on the Speed Shopper network for advertising.

In addition to being accepted as the primary form of payment for advertising, Merchants/Advertisers must accept this currency for products that they choose to list in the Speed Shopper Market.

Pioneer Shoppers who add items to the Speed Shopper database will receive SSTX as payment. Once received, SSTX can be used to purchase goods and services from the Speed Shopper Market, used to purchase ads, sold or sent to others using the global Ethereum blockchain, and at some point in the future exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

The Speed Shopper Network will only initially accept two currencies which are SSTX and U.S. Dollars. Advertisers who choose to pay in SSTX will receive a 40% discount on advertising costs. This means that if an advertiser wants to purchase and advertisement that costs $100 they can choose to pay using SSTX and only pay the equivalent of $60.

Token Contract Address






Supply and Demand

The true basis of all value.

Limited Supply

Ensuring value by safeguarding against inflation while encouraging the flow of currency through our ecosystem.

SSTX Market

Impartial, innocuous, customer friendly marketplace.

Ethereum + SSTX

Safety and security of the Ethereum blockchain.


Real Solutions for The Average Person


Speed Shopper’s decentralized approach to store item location database creation is the solution to a variety of problems.  In store shopping times will be drastically reduced because the Speed Shopper app will tell users exactly what aisles to go to in sequential order.

Speed Shopper eliminates time wasted zigzagging throughout the store and time wasted by returning to the same aisles multiple times.  Speed Shopper creates a database of item locations that can be used at any store with aisles and its decentralized database technology ensures that the database remains current and accurate.

The implementation of the Speed Shopper Token will allow shoppers to be paid for adding items to the database.

Our Goal

Speed Shopper is a tool that makes shopping easier and more efficient.


For advertisers our platform is a highly effective tool for reaching potential customers.  Our technology decentralizes the input of store item location data which efficiently keeps it accurate.

The Speed Shopper Market will be a highly effective tool for small businesses who have limited budgets to reach a large number of specifically targeted customers. The Market will also provide a unique opportunity for merchants to showcase and sell their products.


Distribution of Tokens


SSTX Tokens (SSTX) will be issued in limited number of 500,000,000 Tokens and during the Token Sale 50% will be made available for sale in exchange for cryptocurrencies and accepted fiat currencies. Purchasers can participate in the Token Sale by exchanging fiat, Ether, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash. SSTX Tokens (SSTX) will be distributed to the purchaser’s ERC-20 Ethereum wallet after the end of SSTX Token sale. We will be applying to have SSTX Tokens (SSTX) listed on exchanges to attract new users.

Sales Distribution # Tokens
Speed Shopper Treasury 40 % 200,000,000
Crowdsale Participants 30 % 150,000,000
Private Sell and Early Investors 10 % 50,000,000
Team and Developers 20 % 100,000,000
*Up to 50% of tokens will be made available to crowdsale participants.

The Ecosystem

How Speed Shopper Works


What gives the Speed Shopper Token value is the ecosystem in which it functions as the primary form of currency.

Sale End Date - TBA

Our token crowdsale is set to end August 21st. If we choose to extend the length of the crowdsale we will post the updated end date here.


Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens


Payment Methods

SSTX Token Contract Address

SSTX token contract information to be announced.
Start: January 1st, 2019
Hard cap: 25 million
Soft cap: $15 million
Token: SSTX
Exchange rate: 1 USD = 10 SSTX
Project protocol: ERC20
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